Designed not only for guitarists, but also for fans of art, artist An Idiot turns his primarily large-format paintings into small, triangular miniatures on guitar picks. In comparison to his concept of TRIANGULARISM, in which paintings are made up of many small triangles, the triangle here is made up of a painting. This artistic process is based on An Idiot’s diverse style of LIBERALISM, in which he approaches all the options open to him both head on and retrospectively.

By far, the most gifted player to ever use a guitar pick was Jimi Hendrix, who burned his guitar at the Monterey Festival in California. Whether or not the pick also went up in flames is unknown. An Idiot’s picks, created under the TRIANGLE brand, are his homage to Jimi Hendrix. It isn’t because An Idiot chopped up and burned his oeuvre before his 25 years art refusal, but rather “because the Hey Joe guitarist was probably the biggest thing to ever happen to the guitar world.”