We all know you can use a computer mouse to paint on a monitor. With his MOUSE PAD ART, the artist An Idiot does just the opposite. By using his LIBERALIS technique to apply painted works from the diverse style of LIBERALISM to mouse pads, he has essentially used his fingers to paint on the mouse pad through a tablet monitor.

An Idiot’s MOUSE PAD ART is an homage to the mouse pad as an equivalent of the tablet. It is a pad you can paint on with a mouse, instead of your fingers, and is a tool An Idiot does not normally use in his art.

Work on it. Or better just hang it on your wall, as a work of art! Many of the pads are consciously designed to be combined with one another, so that the art collector can work with the artist to almost create their own work of art through An Idiot’s concept of COOPERATIVISM.