Art on demand

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“Sag mir was ich malen soll” lautet die Aufforderung des Künstlers An Idiot, für das er eigens die Marke AOD (ART ON DEMAND) kreiert hat.

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“Tell me what I should paint” is artist An Idiot’s invitation – and he has created the brand AOD (ART ON DEMAND) specifically in response to this prompt. Now, in the creative vein of the diverse style of LIBERALISM, anyone who wants can simply shout out a title for a picture to An Idiot, OR provide an image template that An Idiot will then turn into a work of art. However, his technique, materials, and the end result are not “negotiable.” The client is only allowed to specify the minimum size, since An Idiot’s standardized EURO prices are, based on this size, determined using the formula total width in centimeters PLUS height in centimeters x 20. By this formula, a minimum size of 30 x 20 cm costs 1,000 EUR. And if you’re lucky, and An Idiot feels it would match the motif, your work may be larger.

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