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Cliff with a view

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CLIFF WITH A VIEW ist ein Land Art Projekt des Künstlers An Idiots, bei dem er eine 30 Meter hohe, markant aufragende Klippe, zum Kunstwerk erklärt. Zu einem “Ready Made of Nature”. Die Klippe befindet sich an der portugiesischen Silver Coast, direkt am Bebauungsgebiet des weißen Sandstrandes von Vale Furado.

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CLIFF WITH A VIEW is a land art project by the artist An Idiot, in which he declares a striking and towering 30 meter cliff to be a work of art. He calls it a “Ready Made of Nature.” The cliff is located on the Portuguese Silver Coast, directly adjacent to the development area off the white sand beaches of Vale Furado.

An Idiot included the cliff property in his LIBERALISM ART WORLD (LAW) to ensure that it will never be developed, and that one of the most spectacular views in the world can remain accessible to everyone, namely the view from the west coast of Europe over the Atlantic and towards North America. For him, the view holds a “unifying magic.”

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LAW: Wine & Art Institute

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LIBERALISM ART WORLD (LAW), the world of the artist An Idiot, is synonymous with the versatility inherent to creativity. As creativity and the profound meaning of wine go hand in hand, the creation of LIBERALISM ART & WINE INSTITUTE was an obligation as well as a challenge. The institute wants to show the new pioneer roads in the great art of wine label design.

The tight connection between LAW and the liberal spirit of wine is demonstrated in the fact that the LAW logo of LIBERALISM ART WORLD and the logo of LIBERALISM ART & WINE INSTITUTE are identical.